Jun 25,2002 15:46:20 PM


Mining company to market gold and silver properties on the web

Reno, Nevada 06/20/02

Nevada Sunrise, LLC of Reno, Nevada and 321Gold, Inc of Miami,
Florida have announced plans to market gold and silver mining
properties on the internet. Nevada Sunrise LLC manages over
20 major mining properties with control of over 12,000 acres
of prime Nevada gold, silver, and copper real estate.

A recent survey by the Fraser Institute titled,
Mining Companies Operating in North America ranked Nevada
as number one in investment attractiveness in comparison
to 30 different states and countries in the western hemisphere,
outranking even Mexico, Ontario and Chile. In the
past 15 years, gold production in Nevada exploded from fewer
than 1,0 million ounces of gold to 8.8 million ounces in 1998.

321Gold,Inc maintains one of the world’s most visited
precious metals sites and will be responsible for creation
and maintenance of a web site for Nevada Sunrise’s properties.
Owner, Robert Moriarty said, As we see it, we can use
the web site as a filing cabinet for detailed information
about each of these properties. Other mining companies can
learn more about these properties in a short time than they
could in days of exploration. We don’t have to keep telling
the same story again and again.

According to President and CEO William Henderson
of Nevada Sunrise, We have over 2,0 million ounces of gold,
over 20,0 million ounces of silver and one property with over
a billion pounds of copper. Mining companies
interested in doing some sort of joint venture should
contact me directly or go to the web site for more information.

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